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Aqui Comi teaser is finally out on Youtube :) !!!!!


AQUICOMI, Mexico i mitt hjerte <3


I am so happy to share this with you all! Min drøm har gått i oppfylelse!!!

This is a dream of mine that I have been working on for the past 7 years. I love eating and even more making food. I believe everybody can make good food as long as they have the right directions and the willing spirit! ( A passion for eating helps too 😉 ) I have wanted to share my love of food with everyone out there. There was one “mexican” restaurant in town and I wasn’t a huge fan of it. I wanted to show the norwegian people what real mexican food was. Jeg er opptatt av at mat skal være hjemmelagd og at det skal smake autentisk. I was born in Mexico but raised in Houston Texas. I came to norway at the age of 17 and began loving to cook at the age of 20. Since I never lived in Mexico, I developed an immense love for all that is mexican. For me it was always about the more authentic the better! I developed my own style and interpretation of authentic mexican food. Using what I could find here and some items brought from over seas, I managed to make what I feel is the closets to REAL Mexican food in Norway.

It all started with me trying to film myself using a camera on a stand. I sure got a few funny clips in my safe ….he he he. So after months ( years) of working on my cooking show I have finally something to show! My vision was realized when I got together with the talented documentary director and producer Maru Sanchez. We filmed in my own kitchen because I wanted it to really feel like you were at home….( my home).

På mitt show så vil du kunne lære deg å lage enkel og god authentisk meksikansk mat. Jeg ville vise alle i norge at det går faktisk an å lage god meksikansk mat med de råvarene vi har disponibelt her til lands. Jeg vil dele mitt kunnskap og vise min kjærlighet til den meksikanske kjøkkenet. Mexico har et stort og variert spektrum i den kulinariske kjøkken. Mexico har mange regioner og hver fylke har forskjellig råvarer og sitt eget preg.

Jeg håper at dere som ser på programmene og prøver oppskriftene blir like forelsket i den meksikanske kjøkken som meg!  Hope you all enjoy the shows and try out some of the recipes !

<3 Let me warm your bellies and hearts <3

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