La Catrina in BCN

When I travel I love to visit new Mexican restaurants and experience Mexican cuisine abroad. La Catrina invited me to their family style Mexican restaurant.

La Catrina is a family owned restaurant in Barcelona. The restaurant opened 2 years ago and is going strong. Its owners are siblings Lorenzo and Marniey Sendra along side with her husband Alessandro Cantu. Alessandro Cantu is an Italian chef and moved to Mexico with his wife to learn of the food culture that Mexico has to offer. He gives credit to his mother in law and Abuela ( grandmother) for teaching him the family recipes. As a chef he took these recipes and added his style while transforming them into his own.

Apon opening the restaurant they wanted this restaurant to represent a piece of back home in Mexico. Their goal was to bring Mexico to their customers one plate at a time. Their dishes are homestyle as made in your grandmothers kitchen. The menu is all made from scratch without any preprocessed products. The tortillas come from La Reina de la Tortilla which is situated in Madrid. This restaurant is made with love, sweat, and soul. This family puts all their hours into making everything from the food to the decor an authentic Mexican experience. The restaurant decor is typical Mexican design with pieces relating to the Mexican culture. They have had Mexican artists come and do beautiful murals on the walls to give it that special touch while supporting artists from Mexico.

Alessandro and Lorenzo gave us a taste of the many dishes he has to offer. My ultimate favourite were the beans a la olla. They were savoury and absolutely delicious! I could have eaten the whole pot of beans. The menu is filled with different types of tacos and even huaraches! The portions are abundant and yummy. They have a great selection of Mexican beer and fresh fruit juices. You will not leave the restaurant hungry!

Thank you for a delicious meal and lovely company. I am looking forward to visiting again and I wish you continuous success!

Here are a few pictures from my visit:

Outside the restaurant with Alessandro and Lorenzo. Gracias amigos! 🙂

Photo: Aquicomi


A selection of their delicious tacos! Tacos Gobernado, chipotle shrimp, Al pastor, carnitas, barbacoa. Super good 🙂 My favourite tacos were the carnitas with the chicharron on top.

Photo: Aquicomi

The amazing Frijoles a la olla <3 These really brought me back home. Savoury and soft just  the way I like them.

Photo: Aquicomi

Three types of quesadillas poblano Chile, squash blossoms, and mushrooms in a blue corn tortilla. These crispy butterfly shrimp were Yum Yum Yum!

Photos: Aquicomi

Thank you again La Catrina! We will be back <3

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