Tamale kurs og fest! Tamale class and party!

The tamale event of the year is right around the corner!

Hot Tamale party!

Date: Thursday 23rd March

Place: Cafe Mestizo, Pilestredet Park 5, 0176 Oslo

Tamale class:

  • kl 18-20
  • fee: 500kr per person
  • payment due 16th March to account nr 15036747436. Please write cooking class/matkurs in description.

Tamale party:

  • kl 20- kl 22
  • free admission

In the tamale class you will learn everything you need to know about Tamales! This will be a hands on course so get ready to get masa all over you. I will teach you to put the tamales together and we will cook them there as well. All participants will receive a pamphlet of recipes and at least three tamales to take home. 🙂 There is a limited amount of spots for the class so sign up today! In order to sign up please send email to aquicomi.salsa@gmail.com.

The Hot Tamale party will begin kl 20. The music will start and I will be selling warm tamales too be devoured! Come and enjoy a fun night full of Mexican flavours and latin tunes in the air. Get your grub and your dance moves rocking! 🙂

Beinvenidos, Welcome

I leave you with a few pictures to get your tummies rumbling 😉


photos: aquicomi