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Vegan hot chocolate with a Mexican and Norwegian twist

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My idea behind this recipe was to make a fusion between Mexican and Norwegian traditions. In Norway we drink hot chocolate and often pare it with Norwegian waffles. Norwegian waffles have a characteristic aroma and taste stemming from the spice cardamom. Therefore I decided to incorporate this spice in the hot chocolate and give it a Scandinavian twist. In addition to the fusion I also wanted it to be vegan friendly. I substituted regular milk with non dairy rice drink/milk. Now the hot chocolate is also lactose free. This hot chocolate recipe still has its Mexican flavors stemming from the mix of cinnamon, piloncillo, and the Mexican chocolate. This is a perfect drink to go along with your Rosca de Reyes or any sweet baked breads! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

Feliz Dia de los Reyes Magos! Happy Three Kings Day!

Photo: Aquicomi


150 gr Mexican chocolate or dark chocolate

1 liter non dairy rice milk

2 tbs piloncillo or brown sugar

4 tbs kakao powder

1 pinch of salt

4 long cinnamon sticks or 2 tbs cinnamon powder

15 cardamom pods or 2 tbs cardamom powder


  1. Pour rice milk in a pot and warm on medium heat.

  2. Tips: crush whole cardamom to release more flavor before adding to mixture.

  3. Add the rest of the spices and chocolate in the rice mixture.

  4. Using a Molinillo or a whisk, stir and whisk in order to add air and make foam.

  5. This is a great way to mix the ingredients and let the chocolate blend properly.

  6. Let mixture simmer until all the chocolate is melted and blended.

  7. If using whole cinnamon and cardamom than use a strainer to remove spices before serving.

  8. Serve warm.

Photo: Aquicomi